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Invited contributions

  • Kudo A., Misseroni D., Wei Y., and Bosi F. (2019). Invited to contribute to the inaugural "Rising Stars" collection in Frontiers in Materials. Related article: Compressive response of non-slender octet carbon microlattices. Frontiers in Materials, 6:169.

  • Book chapters

  • Bigoni D., Bosi F., Dal Corso F., and Misseroni D. (2022). Configurational Forces on Elastic Structures. In: '50+ Years of AIMETA: A Journey through Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Italy', Springer.

  • Bigoni D., Bosi F., Misseroni D., Dal Corso F., and Noselli G.(2015). New phenomena in nonlinear elastic structures: from tensile buckling to configurational forces. In: 'CISM Lecture Notes No. 562 "Extremely Deformable Structures" (Ch. 2)', edited by: D. Bigoni, Springer.

  • Bigoni D., Misseroni D., Noselli G., and Zaccaria D. (2013). Surprising instabilities of simple elastic structures. In: 'Nonlinear physical systems - Spectral analysis, stability and bifurcation', edited by: Kirillov, O.N. and Pelinovsky, D.E., Wiley-ISTE, London.

  • Conference proceedings

  • Bigoni D., Dal Corso F., Piccolroaz, A., Misseroni, D., Noselli, G. (2023). Flutter instability in elastic structures, In: Materials Research Proceedings 37, pp. 345-348.

  • Bacigalupo A., De Bellis M.L., Gnecco G., and Misseroni D. (2021). Wave propagation control in active acoustic metamaterials, In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 2015, No. 1, p. 012031). IOP Publishing.

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  • Misseroni D., Bigoni D. Movchan A.B., and Movchan N. V. (2014). Experiments on fracture trajectories in brittle materials with voids, 'Proceedings of the International CAE Conferenze', Pacengo del Garda, (Italy), October 27-28.

  • Dal Corso F., Bigoni D., Noselli G., Misseroni D., and Shahzad, S. (2014). Rigid inclusions: stress singularity, inclusion neutrality and shear bands, 'Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Fracture, Fatigue and Wear', Kitakyushu (Japan), September 1-3.

  • Ph.D. thesis

  • Misseroni D. (2013). Experimental models of elastic structures: tensile buckling and Eshelby-like forces. Advisor: Prof. Davide Bigoni. XXVI cycle of Engineering of Civil and Mechanical Structural Systems, University of Trento, Trento (Italy).